KJO Coaching


At this time, she was also a one-woman show, so she was doing many small administrative tasks that prevented her from embodying her CEO role and scaling her business because they were taking up too much of her time. She didn't think she needed to pay someone to do these small tedious tasks, but this was preventing her from focusing on online marketing, writing her book, and thinking of ways to continue to catapult the business forward in the years to come. 

She started with what she called a "no systems" system which, for many, is a Google Sheet with some things in different colours but not for a specific reason per se, which led to a lot of disorganization of important dates and internal notes as well as missed opportunities to truly analyze the state of the business. Her setup was not sustainable for a scaling business. 


In November 2020, one of the first things Kasey said to Gabs during the discovery call was, "I'm not even sure if taking over these tasks will help a ton, but let's try!" Fast forward to the last 3+ years with Kasey and her multiple businesses (KJO Coaching & HMCC), Assist-Her Agency now takes care of her inbox management, client management, project and launch management, blog SEO optimization, multi-channel social media strategy, operations management, Kajabi management, and a few other odds and ends in between. We've truly become Kasey's full backend right-hand team! 


She's gained mental real estate to do higher-level CEO tasks such as strategizing how to grow and scale the business, and she's able to create the content she needs for online marketing without worrying about whether the small but important things such as an invoice is paid or a contract is sent. Kasey now has a right-hand team that can give insight and implement action steps to make her vision and goals a reality. She is not only confident that her businesses can run smoothly but is able to live more of her dream life as an entrepreneur while travelling the world!

Since working with Assist-Her Agency, Kasey has expanded her two businesses into many branches to continue to serve clients directly in the health and fitness industry but also as a mentor providing a Health Mindset Certification to other coaches in the health and fitness industry. She has gone from being a solopreneur to having a team of over 10 employees.